Therapy Packages

Optimal Health Club Packages

SILVER $1950 Reg: 2250.00 (SAVE $300.00) 
Join for $39.99 annual member fee
Silver Package includes
  2 Full Body BioScans (1 every 6 months)
12 BioTherapy treatments (1 per month) 
4 QRT Nutritional Scans (1 every 3 months)

GOLD $3420 Reg. 4350.00  (SAVE $930.00) 
Join for $69.99 annual member fee
Gold Package includes
4 Full Body BioScans (1 every 3 months) 
24 BioTherapy treatments (2 per month)
6 QRT Nutritional Scans (1 every 2 months)

PLATINUM $5310 Reg: 7500.00 (SAVE $2190)
Join for $99.99 annual member fee
Platinum Package includes
6 Full Body BioScans (1 every 2 months)
42 BioTherapy treatments (1 every week for 42wks)
12 QRT Nutritional Scans (1 every month)

Optimal Bio-Tune up Packages

Basic: 720.00 Reg: 900.00 (save 180.00)
Basic package includes
12 BioFeedback Tune up sessions. (1) 30 minute session per month for 12 months

  Level 1: 1320.00 Reg. 1800.00 (save 480.00)
Level 1 package includes
24 BioFeedback Tune up sessions. (2) 30 minute session per month for 12 months

Level 2: 2400.00 Reg. 3600.00 (save 1200.00)
Level 2 package includes
48 BioFeedback Tune up sessions. (4) 30 minute session per month for 12 months

Bio-Specific BioFeedback Scans

Initial Calibration Scan 165.00-225.00 
This scan focuses on 3 Bio-Specific factors that related to your overall health and wellness:
1. Allergy/Food sensitivity 2. Brain Waves 3. Detox issues
Once these scans are completed and all imbalances or balanced with corrective frequencies, we are able to move on to other scans to look at deeper aspects. 
 The Initial Calibration Scan includes (1) BioScan and (2) Biotherapy Sessions…165.00
The Initial Calibration Scan with (1) BioScan and (4) Biotherapy Sessions…225.00

BioSpecific Trinity Scan
With our BioSpecific Trinity Series of scans we are able to focus on a specific issue during a session. Common issues like Anxiety, Addictions, Depression, Emotional balance; Insomnia, etc. are specifically scanned for during an initial visit. During that same visit, frequency imbalances are then balanced using corrective Biofeedback. Next (2) Biofeedback sessions are scheduled within a 3-5 day period to lock in the newly corrected frequencies. After the initial “Trinity” (3) sessions we raise and lock in all corrective frequencies over a (10) session block/format. This is a powerful method for attacking and issue and raising it back into balance in a very rapid manner.
Includes 1 BioSpecific Scan and (3) BioTherapy Sessions: 285.00

Trinity Biotherapy Sessions
Capitalizing on the progress made in the initial Trinity scan, our Biotherapy sessions keep the momentum going with 7 more sessions (for a total of 10) all within a very short amount of time for rapid rebalance and restoring. The normal cost of (10) Trinity Biotherapy sessions is 650.00 but if you are continuing your sessions after a Trinity scan your 285.00 payment is deducted for a balance of only 365.00

Anti Aging Profile Scan 65.00
An incredibly detailed scan of each issue that is contributing to your overall aging. Each scan is able to show the key imbalances which are brought back into balance with non invasive corrective frequencies and a specific nutritional protocol customized to each individual
Allergy/Food Sensitivity Scan 65.00
Cell Com/ Chromosome Scan 65.00
Chinese Acu-Meridian Scan 65.00
Neuro-Emotional Profile Scan 65.00
Detox/ Toxin Profile Scan 65.00
Brain Wave Profile Scan 65.00
Emotional Profile Scan 65.00
Rife Frequency Scan and Therapy 65.00
Susceptibility Scan 65.00
Pet/Animal BioScan-QRT Scan 165.00