New Life Mind

Change your hard drive and reset your GPS for SUCCESS. From the moment we are born our internal hard drive is storing information both positive and negative. Later in life when we hit road blocks or are unable to reach the goals we have set for ourselves or when we are not living the lives we have envisioned for ourselves, we need to figure out what beliefs or “programs” are running in our subconscious mind and stopping us from achieving greatness in all aspects of life.

Until you are able to uncover, identify and then “Erase and Replace” the old programs that are holding you back, you will never truly move forward in any aspect of your life. All of the self help methods try to get you to “Think positive” and all your problems will disappear. The problem we see with those methods is that though you may experience some initial success, your mind will always revert back to its programming and internal hard drive. Until you “Erase and Replace” the negative programs/beliefs with new positive programs, you will just keep repeating the same process going from one self help technique to another