Quantum Life Force

QLF:Quantum Life Force

The culmination of all the Quantum Therapies can be found in our QLF Seminars and retreats or in our “Rock Your Health” retreats and boot camp experiences, which teach our basic QLF concepts as a lifestyle. The main goals of the QLF method are:

*Lower your toxic burden

*The 20 blocks to achieving optimal health

*Proper Nutrition, Diet and Supplements

*Stress : Dangers and reduction methods: Biosonix :Alpha

*Sleep: Dangers of insomnia and solutions

*Emotional Stressors: Anxiety, ADD/ADHD; Depression; PTSD; Panic;

*Dangerous Foods:Sugar; Lectin; Leptin; Soy: hormone, GMO; Corn: GMO; Dairy: casein, lactose, antibiotics; Wheat: GMO, gluten, gliadin; Nuts: sapponin; Nightshades: solanine; Beans: lectin, Corn Syrup, Aspartame, etc

*NewLife Therapies for: Optimal health; Anti Aging; Unresolved health issues. Energy Therapies, Physical Therapies.

Consultations And Biofeedback Sessions
Consultations And Biofeedback Sessions
Consultations And Biofeedback Sessions
Consultations And Biofeedback Sessions


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