My Story: Why I am so glad my health collapsed

Anthony Malchiodi

Licensed Healthcare Practitioner and Founder of NewLife

My journey into holistic health began over 20 years ago in the late 90’s, after my hectic life began to take a toll on my health. Terrible stomach pains and other various symptoms brought my active lifestyle to a halt. At the time I was so shocked and angry that I was stricken with this terrible health condition, but now as I look back, I am so happy that my health collapsed. It was only during this great trial that I found my true calling and passion. A passion that would lead me to grow one of the most advanced and comprehensive Holistic Health Centers in America.

In the beginning of my health struggles I of course went the usual route and tried to get well using the “natural/holistic” approach which led me straight to the health food/vitamin stores. I knew just enough about vitamins and herbs to get myself in trouble. I also relied on the advice of employees at various health food stores who actually knew no more than I did. Unfortunately, although my

intentions were good, I ended up with a bag full of fake, toxic, synthetic vitamins and herbs that actually made my stomach and condition even worse! At that point I could not figure out why I was not getting better, which is something I see every day now, with people who come to our offices. They have all watched a “TV show” or “read an article” or “heard from a friend” what they should be taking or eating. Even worse, today everyone has a friend, neighbor, hairdresser, who attended a multi level marketing seminar and are now the health experts to all of their friends, family and anyone who will listen. They have the exact essential oil or synthetic supplement; you need to solve every condition known to man or the very best vitamins ever made! And because they say it’s all natural they think they are safe. But nothing could be further from the truth. Something I learned the hard way. As we have seen in the news, many of these supplements do not even contain the ingredients listed on the bottle. Even worse, many of these cheap multi level marketing supplements have tested for LEAD and ARSENIC, just Google it and see for yourself. There is also a danger of cheap supplements containing a cancerous poison that they are not checking for and that is GLYPHOSATE.

So back to my story, as my pains and symptoms continued to escalate, my medical doctor, assured me that I was fine. Over the next 13 months my condition worsened. I endured endless, uncomfortable, painful, medical tests and saw countless “specialists” who all told me that absolutely nothing was wrong. They all had the same attitude as they met with me for their 3 minute visit. “The tests are all normal, so you are fine.” The only problem was, I wasn’t fine. I was sick and no one was listening.

The pains got so bad that I could not even eat anymore and my weight dropped from 162 lbs. to 119 lbs.! I was literally surviving on oyster crackers and tea. It’s all I could eat without having terrible stomach pain. My vibrant healthy life was slowly slipping away and no one could help me. After a year and a half, doctors still had no answers and still believed nothing was wrong. All they had to offer were a handful of drugs, each with their list of deadly side effects that were even worse than the condition itself!

The drugs were not there to fix or treat the cause of my pain and illness but rather to simply mask my symptoms. One doctor even wrote me a prescription for Xanax, since he was convinced it was all in my head. Forget my massive weight loss or the list of symptoms I had, all the magical “tests” came back normal which trumps everything else.

Another issue that occurred during this never ending health trial was the onset of severe, debilitating anxiety and panic attacks. I would be in the middle of a mall, bookstore, Whole Foods, etc. and out of nowhere I would be flooded with pure panic. I would have tunnel vision as my legs seemed to turn to rubber. The

room would start spinning and I would feel my body shutting down. My only thought during those moments was to find the nearest exit to escape wherever I was. I would leave whatever items were in my hand or even a full shopping cart and get out the front door as soon as I could. Once outside I would feel better until my next episode. I even began having these attacks in my car.

Thankfully I was lucky enough to get help from an incredible, world renowned clinical hypnotherapist, Larry Garret. I had known Larry since I was 16 but never put it together that he could help me with my anxiety and panic attacks, especially since I was not sure what I was experiencing at first. He was able to easily erase the thoughts and subconscious programs that were triggering my body’s fight or flight response for seemingly no reason.

After working with Larry for over 35 years and seeing the amazing results first hand, I was inspired to formulate my own therapy called BioSoma and HypnoSoma which both use specific aspects of Clinical Hypnosis and Biofeedback in a very unique but powerful way to achieve incredible results.

So thankfully Larry Garret was able to solve one specific area of my health issues but my physical health continued to decline and the mainstream medical doctors were out of ideas.

I decided to give Alternative Medicine another try but this time I decided to go to an actual Licensed Holistic Healthcare Practitioner who actually knew what he was doing. That’s how I met Dr. Mike Andreano, DC. He not only took the time to listen, but actually wanted to help me as opposed to just masking my symptoms with pharmaceuticals. Dr. Andreano was able to use a method called Applied Kinesiology to assess my body and find the root cause of my health problems and Chiropractic care to realign my spine. It turns out that my condition that “did not exist” was actually very complex. I was suffering from a very common problem known as adrenal exhaustion which makes it very hard for your body to function. I had very low stomach acid, which made it impossible for me to properly digest my foods, hence the terrible pains each time I tried to eat. I guess the “specialist” who gave me the prescription for an “antacid” dropped the ball on that one.

That same month I had the opportunity to attend a health seminar with Dr. Andreano for one of alternative medicines most powerful therapies, CRA (Contact Reflex Analysis). During the seminar the founder of CRA, Dr. Dick Versendaal was personally testing patients to find the reasons behind their health issues. When he tested me using his CRA method, he found many underlying causes including a mercury toxicity reflex, immune system issues, a hiatal hernia as well as parasites. (all of this missed by the “doctors”).

A hair analysis confirmed the mercury toxicity which was the reason for the major pain in my intestines, appendix and gall bladder. Sadly all of these conditions, though quite serious, somehow slipped under the radar of “standard medical testing.” It made me wonder how many other people were out there like me, suffering day to day with a condition that doctors tell them simply does not exist, just because it doesn’t show up on their tests.

As I followed the professional wellness plan developed for me by Dr. Andreano and Dr. Versendaal, I began seeing miraculous results. My body began to heal and I felt my hope return as I overcame the major issues I was dealing with. In just 3 short weeks my stomach pains disappeared and I was able to eat food again.

Next, the mercury in all of my fillings showed up to be a major contributor to my issues. I went to a regular dentist to ask if he could remove and replace my mercury fillings which he did. That one visit set me back 3 months and made me deathly ill. One thing you must understand is that there is an exact science to removing mercury even down to the order of the teeth that are worked on.

The dentist I went to had my mouth unprotected and started drilling away at the mercury while we both breathed in the toxic mercury vapor. He then used a cheap toxic white filling that tested later for aluminum! After the first tooth and the immediate health crash, I decided to do more research on mercury removal and the Dentist everyone was raving about was an expert in mercury removal.

As a master Dentist she had the removal and replacement of mercury down to an exact science. She even was specific on the order of each tooth she would restore and how many restorations your body could personally handle at a time.

Her name is Dr. Deborah Klein and she has been my personal dentist for the last 20years. Her systematic approach to mercury removal, jaw alignment, crowns and general dentistry is beyond anything I have ever experienced in the dentistry field which is the reason we can only recommend Dr. Deborah Klein at Alpine Dental for any of your dental issues that may come up in a biofeedback scan or functional neurology testing. By the time she had finished with my teeth and my detox program from residual mercury I was gaining back my weight, my headaches were gone and I was truly amazed on how far I had come. I wasn’t my old self again…I was actually BETTER! All thanks to the talented team of practitioners around me.

Today, 20 years later, my blood work and overall health is all better than when I was 25! It truly is a miracle and blessing from God and the incredible practitioners He brought into my life, who not only healed me but became my mentors and helped me to become the healer I am today.

It was only because of my trails and health issues that I ever started down this path of Holistic Health and Wellness. Starting with the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine under a 7th Generation Chinese doctor at The College of Dupage, then on to 3 years at The Wellness Institute learning Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Nutrition, Herbs and the Holistic approach to health (the same approach that saved my life).

Then focusing on various muscle therapies, Acupressure, Applied Kinesiology, Functional Neurology, Neuro-lymphatic and Neuro-Emotional methods as well as Nutritional Response Testing, Chinese Energetic Medicine, Quantum Reflex Analysis, Quantum Life Biofeedback and various other methods that all focused on restoring health and balance naturally. I also had the incredible opportunity to study CRA: Contact Reflex Analysis, from 1996-2013 under CRA Founder, Dr. Versendaal himself. I was truly blessed to have him as a mentor and personal friend until his passing.

I became a Chiropractic assistant in 2001 and for the past 20 years I have worked alongside my personal doctor and professional colleague Dr. Mike Andreano with the goal of giving patients a natural alternative to: harmful pharmaceutical drugs; invasive tests/procedures and painful surgeries, as they strive for answers and solutions to restore their health to what it once was.

I know firsthand what you are going through. I know what it feels like when no one wants to listen and no one understands what you are feeling. I have been there and struggled through the pain and days where I thought there was no hope. I know what it feels like to not get out of bed or to be overcome with anxiety and panic. I have struggled through the headaches, the body aches, the sleepless nights. But I am also living proof that you can never give up and there is an answer if you seriously want to be well again.

Today, I am committed to providing the same healthcare and holistic therapies that saved my life and gave me hope when standard medicine had run out of answers, tests and excuses. Knowledge is power and with the knowledge you will gain from the NewLife Method and Biofeedback scans, you will have all the information you need to finally restore your health and well being. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve and surpass all of your health and wellness goals for both yourself and your family.

The method I have developed is a combination of today’s most powerful and effective alternative medicine therapies. What I specialize in is an all-natural, non-invasive, pain free approach designed to assess the cause(s) behind your condition, then work to Rebalance your imbalances through Quantum Biofeedback and Restore your biochemistry using whole food nutritional supplements, all natural Nutraceuticals, Infoceuticals, BioMatrix Formulas, Essential oils and homeopathic remedies.

My goal is to help your body restore balance, vitality, health and well-being in order for you to begin your NewLife! I am here to partner with our patients to find the root cause of their health issues and then determine the most natural and effective way of correcting them. With over 20 years of hands on experience, I am ready to be your coach and help you achieve all of your health and wellness goals.

I look forward to the opportunity to help you in your quest for answers and vibrant health. You are the reason we are in this field. We are dedicated to helping you in any way we can and look forward to meeting you very soon.

Anthony Malchiodi is a Licensed Holistic Healthcare Practitioner with over 20 years of experience. He is the founder and developer of The NewLife Method, BioMatrix Formulas, BioRadience Skin care, BioResonance Technology,QRT: Quantum Response Technique, MRT: Myo-Response/Reset Technique and ERT: Emotional Response/Reset Techniques.

He specializes in CRA: Contact Reflex Analysis; Functional Neurology; QLB: Quantum Life Biofeedback; A.K.:Applied Kinesiology, QRA: Quantum Reflex Analysis, MRT:Myo-Response and Myo-Reset Testing; Acupressure; Nutritional Response Technique; and Neuro-Lymphatic Therapy. He is also the host of the internationally syndicated radio and internet television show “Rock your Health”