The Bio-Resonance Jewelry Collection

The Bio-Resonance Jewelry Collection

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The Bio-Resonance Jewelry Collection incorporates the powerful energies of precious metals combined with high frequency Gem stones that are specifically chosen for the effect of each design. Unlike other jewelry which can actually have a negative or draining effect on the wearer’s health and energy, Bio-Resonance emits pure, high frequencies that can boost energy, improve clarity and overall well being. This is all possible again using the science of Sympathetic Resonance.

There are many products on the market today that use sympathetic technology but are incorporated into petroleum based wrist bands, or unattractive large plastic discs, cumbersome necklaces and things that people who wear jewelry may not want to wear. This is why we took the added step of contracting a world renown and award winning Jewelry designer, to design all of our pieces. This was to make sure that not only did we have the highest resonating products on the market to help protect and increase your individual Biofield but the most beautiful and dynamic jewelry that every man or woman would love to wear just for its appearance alone.

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